Sense Mapping Demo

The Sense Mapping demo takes HTML or plain text and automatically inserts links to various external references such as Wikipedia, Twitter verified accounts, or Idilia’s own Language Graph. Selecting a link opens an info box with the references and the most recent Tweet.

  • How it Works

    • Sense Analysis is performed on the selected text fragment (50 or 100 words) at the beginning of the document.
    • Where Sense Analysis could conclusively reach a decision and there are external reference available, we create a link to an infobox or add an icon after the term.
    • There are several options to define what is linked, how it is linked, and to what. See “Link Policy” in the options.
    • When giving an external URL, the document is first cleaned-up using API.
    • Find out more by reading about this solution when applied to Electronic Publishing and our tutorial on Publishing Document-Enriched Documents.